On a re-reading of my previous post, I realized the end of the poem contained a haiku: On the shore’s blue blend men become boys again toes plucked from the sand That made me smile, share it on Twitter, and look for other #haiku tweets. Here are my favorites: https://twitter.com/tankaqueen/status/234750794350604289 https://twitter.com/DreamsOfTaos/status/234694424205082624 https://twitter.com/benzbara_/status/233270676251897858 https://twitter.com/aMrazing/status/232879582733295619 https://twitter.com/DreamsOfTaos/status/232230369011838976 https://twitter.com/marousia/status/232081278613213184… Continue reading #haiku

Ripping Current

I return where I was born, not physically Driving a machine that didn't yet exist through the sleepy streets nocturnal every intersection bursting with memories Past overgrown trees surrounding an elementary school I can't see Thrusting into radio static songs names scenes all unfamiliar except the change drums as predictable as heartbeats On the sandy… Continue reading Ripping Current

Why You Should Be Recording Your Poetry

I hate voice recording. It's time-consuming, error-prone, frustrating, requires a range of skills, and is easily ruined by fickle technology. That sounds just like voice recording's  ugly cousin - video editing. But as much as I hate it, I've found voice recording to be an increasingly valuable and necessary part of my process of writing… Continue reading Why You Should Be Recording Your Poetry

What Else Can a Poem Be?

The following snippet of Jack Morgan's review of blinks of awe brings up some fun questions: ...it's hard to judge his poetry by itself because it isn't. Are we going to start judging poetry like we do films and plays, where every job is criticized on its own merit? Should I take the sound production… Continue reading What Else Can a Poem Be?