Just a memory

One two three, and you’re just a memory.
Passed through me like a breath rushing to escape
these layered days bookended in
a haze of smoke disguised as ethics.
Eyes don’t perceive the depth of field in this
panorama of you. Fingers reach out          but can’t touch
a thought. With sense of smell improved, less
hunger, sleep
no longer             desperately
needed, we
swim through seas of philosophy.
anthems of a conversation only one of us
will willingly remember. do you hear my smile?
lips                      so far                           from taste.
I’ll keep this road well-lit if you choose to
take another stroll. I’ll keep your reflection in
my eyes in case you look back. I’ll keep these
fragile things safe. your voice.
unrecorded. your face.
pictureless. this t’me.
now it’s. getting. h rder
to r m mb r details
clouded morals become dimples
but between blinks of busy bliss
the last seconds of you exhale:
One two three and you’re just a memory.

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