Inspired by 100 rejections per year, here’s my curated submissions calendar—contests, open submissions, and other fiction opportunities. You can also read my rejections.

Submission Deadlines


Mechanical Flowersliterary fiction & science fiction
Mechanical Flowers is a nostalgia story set in the future. While an ecologically damaged San Francisco has replaced real plants with machines, Dave Saude has built a career as a memory man—curating people’s recorded memories into holographic experiences. Despite his talent, the world is aggressively moving forward, and there’s no room for a man who can only look back. Dave is desperate for clients, so when a wealthy mother offers to pay anything to immortalize her murdered son, he accepts the job. However, the recorded memories he needs are in his hometown with Lindsey, the only girl he’s ever loved. While Dave grapples with why he left, Lindsey, the pre-eminent mechanical gardener, works to restore real flowers. Their young heartbreak could be the key to making the world bloom again. This novel combines the challenging world of Paolo Bacigalupi’s “The Windup Girl” with the darker arcs and relationships of Lauren Groff’s “Fates and Furies.”

Heartifacts, literary fiction
A lost boy tries to befriend time on a perpetually moving path from his first memory to his last.

NaNoWriMo 2016 winner.

Short Stories

A Damn Fine Town, literary fiction, crime
A luggage thief picks the wrong target on the early-morning airport train.

Published in Down & Out: The Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 4

Lookmarks, literary fiction
An adopted son searches for his birth mother via the books she left for him to find.

Nevernight, literary fiction
A stuck man changes his entire life because of a spot on his ceiling.

Terminus, fantasy, literary fiction
An immortal girl searches for the meaning of life.

Awarded Honorable Mention by Writers of the Future.

The Blackboard Epilogues, literary fiction
Five years after being his student, a boy visits his favorite teacher to grasp one last lesson.

The Price of Chivalry, literary fiction

Read at Lit Camp’s Basement Series, November 2016

WINC-FM, literary fiction 
A flashback radio weekend enables a man to grieve for his best friend.

within & without, literary fiction
A woman confronts her fear of loneliness through sensory deprivation.

Flash Fiction

bleedin’ peach, literary fiction
What can a newborn teach his father about shaving?

Published in KYSO Flash, Issue 9, March 2018

Dawnsong, literary fiction
A brief conversation with a lone songbird in downtown San Francisco.

Published in KYSO Flash, Issue 10, August 2018

Duskwing, speculative fiction
Someone’s always searching for a way home through the sunset.

Glimmering Sidewalks, speculative fiction
We mourn the unfulfilled moments we leave behind.

Fresh Scar, literary fiction
A first draft is a first love.

Published in Third Wednesday, Vol. XI, No. 1

lying is the girl, literary fiction
A vulnerable state before free fall.

Published in KYSO Flash, Issue 10, August 2018

Reading Willow, literary fiction
“We came to the city in our youth. And we left for our youth.”

Published in The Common Online, July 2018

Rivet Here, literary fiction
A new connection blossoms in a small town when all the men leave for World War II.

Published in Necessary Fiction, February 2018


A Homesick Wanderlust
Reflections on attending the Lemon Tree House Residency for Writers in Tuscany.

Published in Shut Up & Write! Zine, June 2018

Why I Write

Published in Fiction Southeast, July 2018

Poetry & Film

blinks of awe
Poetry you can see, touch, and hear. A self-published collection exclusively for iBooks. Read now.

A couple meets for coffee on the last day of their relationship.