Ripping Current

I return where I was born, not physically Driving a machine that didn't yet exist through the sleepy streets nocturnal every intersection bursting with memories Past overgrown trees surrounding an elementary school I can't see Thrusting into radio static songs names scenes all unfamiliar except the change drums as predictable as heartbeats On the sandy… Continue reading Ripping Current

The Medium of First Drafts Doesn’t Matter

I was recently seduced by a typewriter. It happened while I was watching Finding Forrester. The typewriter came on screen and it intrigued me the way a record player or an old computer might. Something inside me said, this is how they did it before for years and years. No sexy, overpriced multitasking machine with tweets,… Continue reading The Medium of First Drafts Doesn’t Matter

blinks of awe themes: nostalgia

"preDawn", the first chapter of blinks of awe, touches on traveling, inspiration, the deep corners of the night, and nostalgia. Though the latter is only directly referenced in two of the seven poems, it drives the other topics and ideas in its own unique way. Nostalgia has been a pet topic of mine for years.… Continue reading blinks of awe themes: nostalgia