Infinite Cigarette

you light up late at night, indulging my
newly-found addiction
it’s just before you have to leave but
the orange breaths of gray help you stay a moment… longer-
your smoke fills my bubble and hugs me
with thoughts i never thought ideal
ideas taking inappropriate shape between
quick and quiet looks punctuated by smiles and puffs
Breathe, i tell myself. But there you are
lungs and logic tell me to inch away, rebel
drift into the darkness of tomorrow
but tonight, basking in an orange glow that’s
barely there i bare this moment.
turn off everything but heart and combustible bits of
nicotine. let’s dream just a little… longer-
Breathe, you remind yourself. But there i am
seconds turn to ash before it hits the ground
the darkness finds us like we never will ourselves
embracing thoughts both cute and wicked.
i whisper stay. hold on. even if it hurts.
we can share that burn too.
but the moment turns
black orange gray and black again.
Breathe, i tell myself. But the air is clean

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