Make Money with Your Fiction: Tips for Publication

A thoughtful take on short story submissions with specific cover letter advice.

I Just Want To Write!



If you choose to work as a freelance writer, most of your work will be commissioned and dictated by other people. It still beats the hell out of other jobs, believe me, but the job sets inherent boundaries. You have to write content relevant to a client’s blog. You have to turn the client’s words into a coherent post, article, or book. If you choose to take the entirely traditional route and only pitch stories to magazines, you have far more control over the subject of your writing, but you probably aren’t pitching fiction or poetry. If you are, please tell me in the comments where and how you’re doing that because I would love to know.

Essentially, as a freelancer, your bread and butter comes from nonfiction pieces driven by the needs of a client. But there’s a high likelihood that if you’re a writer by trade, you also…

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LitQuake 2015: The Art of the Short Story

This weekend I attended LitQuake 2015's excellent panel, The Art of the Short Story. Thanks to Mark Peterson for moderating Jodi Angel, Tom Barbash, Grant Faulkner, and Siamak Vossoughi. This is a summary of my largely paraphrased notes. Siamak wants to appeal to the heart in all of his stories to walk away with a wondrous sense of having… Continue reading LitQuake 2015: The Art of the Short Story

Why I Shut Up & Write

Where are you at 10:00am sharp on Saturday mornings? Sleeping in? Waking up? Waiting for brunch? I’m usually grabbing a seat at Mo Joe’s Cafe for a Shut Up & Write! marathon. To make it on time, I have to wake up before 8 in sleepy San Francisco to catch a just-shy-of-9 train that whisks me… Continue reading Why I Shut Up & Write


On a re-reading of my previous post, I realized the end of the poem contained a haiku: On the shore’s blue blend men become boys again toes plucked from the sand That made me smile, share it on Twitter, and look for other #haiku tweets. Here are my favorites:… Continue reading #haiku

Ripping Current

I return where I was born, not physically Driving a machine that didn't yet exist through the sleepy streets nocturnal every intersection bursting with memories Past overgrown trees surrounding an elementary school I can't see Thrusting into radio static songs names scenes all unfamiliar except the change drums as predictable as heartbeats On the sandy… Continue reading Ripping Current