Fall 2017 Writing Contest Roundup for Writer Unboxed

Where will you submit your fiction from now through Thanksgiving? See my latest contest roundup for Writer Unboxed.

I love that my reasons to submit criteria is growing. These helps evaluate any particular opportunity beyond the surface level of who am I submitting to, do they accept simultaneous submissions, and how expensive is it?

Reasons to submit:
Blind submissions are fine submissions!
Feedback on your manuscript
Flag-bearer—open to international submissions
Free to submit
Friendly to emerging writers
Friendly to novelists
No hunting for winners—can read past winners online
Oh, wordy!—generous word count limit
Prestige—ranked in Clifford Garstang’s excellent Pushcart ranking
Prestigious judge
Read on—entry fee includes one-year subscription
Regional focus—lower competition
Share the wealth—multiple prizes
Wanderluster—prize includes travel

See which of these apply to worthwhile Fall 2017 contests over on Writer Unboxed.

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