Awarded 2nd Place for Glimmer Train Family Matters Contest

The lovely Glimmer Train watercolor illustration from their web site

I’m humbled to share that I’ve been accepted by Glimmer Train, one of my dream markets. This was the first literary journal I read. They inspired me to start submitting and have read most of my fiction. And though 2019 will be their last year in print, I’m incredibly honored that I won 2nd place in their Family Matters Contest. My longest story, “The Unfinished Death of My Grandfather,” will be published in the final issue of Glimmer Train in Fall 2019.

As a lovely, supportive aside, Glimmer Train was kind enough to include my submission resources in their Resources for Writers. It’s great to be listed along with heavyweights like Poets & Writers and New Pages as well as wonderful authors like Abby Geni.

A heartfelt thank you to Susan & Linda, the two sisters behind Glimmer Train, for their support and inspiration throughout the years.

9 thoughts on “Awarded 2nd Place for Glimmer Train Family Matters Contest”

  1. Congratulations! Glimmer Train is such a great publication, and it’s so sad that they’ll be closing. But I’m so happy for you that you got in the final issue! What an honor! I look forward to reading your story. :)

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