Meet the Rejection Whisperer

If you send writing out into the world, it will be rejected. The trick is to view each rejection as an attempt on the unpredictable journey to share your words with those you don’t know—aka publication.

If you wade into a maze, would you cry at every dead end? I turn around and find another way.

Do you…

  • Re-read rejection emails?
  • Over-analyze the word choices an editor used to say no?
  • Post rejections to wikis and compare them with others?
  • Publish rejections on your blog? (Guilty.)
  • Read into how quickly or slowly people respond?
  • Check stats like response times or acceptance rates?

None of that matters.

That’s why I made The Rejection Whisperer. Copy & paste your rejection; get a concise interpretation. It’s time to nod & let go.

Let’s leave behind the things we cannot control. There’s always another idea, another draft, another opportunity. Smirk at the dead ends and keep exploring the maze.

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