Worthwhile Fiction Contests for Spring 2022

See my latest roundup of fiction contests for Writer Unboxed:

This contest submissions season covers deadlines from March 1, 2022 through May 31, 2022. Spring is a great time to submit to literary journals associated with universities before the end of their semester. Response times may lag over the summer though and the pandemic continues to delay and cancel many past opportunities. Thanks to LiteristicPoets & WritersSubmittable Discover, and New Pages for many of these contests.

Much like editors are looking for reasons to reject work, I want to focus on opportunities worth my time. Thus, my list of writing contests below includes reasons to submit to that particular writing contest. May you find a promising opportunity among this list and spend less time searching for where to send your exceptional work.

I found quality opportunities for emerging and established fiction writers. Each comes with its own handy list of reasons to submit. See my recommended Spring 2022 writing contests.

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