Awarded 3rd Place in Library Film Festival

aisles of ideas is a 2-minute short film that answers “what does the library mean to you?” Watch aisles of ideas below or on Vimeo:

The film premiered at the KCLS Reel Fest on Monday, September 28, 2020 and earned 3rd Place!

"aisles of ideas" awarded 3rd Place at 2020 KCLS Reel Fest

Watch the other lovely films from the premiere:

Congrats to everyone who placed and participated!

Thanks to my actors, Sierra Bauder, Natalie Sage, and David M. Sage—this couldn’t have been possible without your time and patience.

Thanks to Kyle Stout for his thoughtful filmmaking input.

Thanks to Rick Ollerman and Down & Out: The Magazine for publishing the original “A Damn Fine Town” story that appears in the film.

Thanks to Otto Penzler, Jonathan Lethem, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for bringing “A Damn Fine Town” to libraries in the pages of The Best American Mystery Stories 2019.

A hearty thank you to the King County Library System for hosting Reel Fest and sharing aisles of ideas.

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