Summer 2019 Rejections: The New Yorker, Fantasy & Science Fiction, American Short Fiction, SmokeLong Quarterly, and More Literary Journals

The Rejection Quarterly - sad boy

Welcome to The Rejection Quarterly, Summer 2019 edition.

Sharing rejections shares the effort behind submissions and makes celebrating acceptances even sweeter. What kind of literary journal rejections are you seeing? On the road to publication, why not “publish” the rejections themselves?

Here are the various rejections I collected from June 2019 – August 2019. The list is shorter than my usual, which says more about how active I was in Winter and Spring. Summer does tend to be a time of fewer responses as many university-affiliated journals take a break.

Rejection from American Short Fiction

398-day response time

Dear Arthur Klepchukov, 

Thank you for submitting “furl & unfurl” to American Short Fiction. First off, we want to apologize to you for the lateness of this response. While in the end this particular story is not quite the right fit for us, it took us too long to pass it through the various levels of editorial consideration. We are a small operation and respect writer’s work, so we always give each story the time it deserves. With this in mind, we have closed our submissions in order to catch up. Please accept our apologies and know we are working diligently to respond to submissions more rapidly in the future. 

Best wishes, 

The Editors, American Short Fiction

Encouraging Rejection from Palooka

30-day response time

Dear Arthur, 

Thanks for giving me the chance to read your fine work yet again. “The Price of Chivalry” has a strong voice, interesting narrative style, and is funny along the way, though I’m sorry to say we won’t be publishing the work. I realize how much time, effort, passion, and energy goes into this endeavor and appreciate your interest in Palooka. 

All best, 
Jonathan Starke, Editor

Encouraging Rejection from Typishly

1-day response time (yes, Jon is that fast)

Hello Arthur.

Good to reconnect with you. Thank you for sending your story to us. Regretfully, we won’t be able to publish your work this time. As you know, only a fraction of the short fiction we receive is selected, so even strong writing must sometimes be left out. 

We’re grateful you chose to share your creativity with Typishly again. Lovely: ‘seconds that’ll multiply after first blush until anniversaries arrive.’ Wonderful: ‘hopes still divide like nuclei.’

Be well. Be creative.

Founding Editor | Typishly 

Rejection from Barrelhouse

15-day response time

Dear Arthur, 

Thanks for letting us read The Price of Chivalry. Unfortunately, we’ve decided this one’s not right for us. We wish you the best of luck in finding a home for the story elsewhere, and in your continued writing. 


Team Barrelhouse

Rejection from SmokeLong Quarterly

10-day response time

Dear Arthur, 

Thank you for your submission of “The Price of Chivalry” to SmokeLong Quarterly. We gave the story careful consideration, and though we are not accepting it for publication, we hope you find a better fit for it elsewhere. 

Thanks again for trusting us with your work, and thank you for reading SmokeLong Quarterly. 

All the best, 
SmokeLong Quarterly

Encouraging Rejection from Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF)

2-day response time

Dear Arthur,

Thank you for giving me a chance to read “Duskwing.” I liked the quality of the prose, but overall this piece didn’t win me over for Fantasy & Science Fiction and I’m going to pass. I wish you best of luck finding the right market for it and hope that you’ll keep us in mind in the future. 

Best regards,


C.C. Finlay, Editor
Fantasy & Science Fiction | @fandsf

Thank you to everyone who recently subscribed to F&SF or renewed your subscription — with your help, we’ve been able to raise our minimum pay rates for authors to 8 cents per word. 

Rejection from Glowworm

38-day response time

Dear Arthur Klepchukov, 

Thank you for your submission to Glowworm. Although we must decline your submission this time, we appreciated the chance to consider it. 

Thanks again. Best of luck with this. 
Christian Brady 

Rejection from The Cincinnati Review

175-day response time

Dear Writer:

Thank you for the opportunity to consider your submission “Nevernight.” We’ve read it with care but have decided not to accept it for publication. Best of luck placing it elsewhere.


The Editors of The Cincinnati Review

Rejection from The New Yorker

106-day response time

Dear Arthur, 

We regret that we are unable to use the enclosed material. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider your work. 

The Editors

I was flattered with even a form rejection given the volume of submissions The New Yorker must receive. My last submission didn’t get a response. Their submission guidelines say to consider a piece rejected if you don’t hear back in 90 days.

Encouraging Rejection from Abyss & Apex

24-day response time

Dear Arthur,

Thank you for submitting “Duskwing” to ABYSS & APEX. I enjoyed your story. It had some great imagery and prose poetry feel that I liked. Unfortunately, we won’t be accepting this for publication. 

Thanks for sending us your work. We hope you’ll consider us again and wish you the best in placing this story elsewhere.


Derek Wentz
Assistant Fiction Editor

Not enough rejection? See Rejection Wiki or Literistic’s Great Wall of Literary Rejection.

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11 thoughts on “Summer 2019 Rejections: The New Yorker, Fantasy & Science Fiction, American Short Fiction, SmokeLong Quarterly, and More Literary Journals”

  1. Arthur, thank you for sharing these rejection letters. Which ones do you find more troubling? The encouraging ones or the plain rejections? I do play Rejection Bingo though. Lol. I have a growing list called “The Folder of Misfit Stories” that have been rejected. And rejected. Poor homeless little things.

    1. Hi Monique. I don’t find either kind of rejection particularly troubling. At worst, it’s the notion that someone beyond my circle has read my work even if only its brief beginning. The encouraging ones usually make me submit something else to the same market. The form ones I’ve learned to shrug off. I have several stories that have been rejected over two dozen times. I’m often humbled by how many drafts and revisions some things take. How do you take rejections? What do you mean by Rejection Bingo?

      1. Hello again Arthur. Yes, the amount of time we dedicate to revising our manuscripts is indeed humbling. I sometimes see the encouraging rejections as lodestones pointing me in a more promising direction. They reveal what didn’t work and what I can do to polish my work. Here’s some information on Rejection Bingo — tee hee — I hope it will be a smile on your face. :)

  2. Hi, thanks for posting these! Several editors remember you/know who you are. That’s awesome. I was wondering if this was just due to them remembering your work. Or if it was something you mentioned in your cover letter. Or something else. I’ve never experienced that so I was just curious.

    1. Hey Ian, I just took that as a kind thought included since I’d submitted before. I’m not sure if it speaks to anything more, but I do tend to resubmit to places I really like or those that previously sent encouraging rejections. Hope that helps! Happy submitting!

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