Starting Shut Up & Write! D.C. Meetup

I’ve attended and hosted Shut Up & Write(!) meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2013. Shut Up & Write(!) is a powerful concept. Whereas most casual writing events are focused on socializing, we get together and write. Our meetups are free and open to everyone. There’s no obligation to share or network; just do the work.

Shut Up & Write at Mo Joes
A few writing friends in Berkeley.

I’ve missed the writing community I left in San Francisco. But the Maryland suburbs by D.C. have their own creative charms. I’m reaching out to a local arts center, attending nearby writing meetups, and exploring what The Writer’s Center in Bethesda has to offer.

But there’s no Shut Up & Write(!) here. So I’m starting one.

I reached back out to my Bay Area friends, Cat and Rennie, the masterminds behind the concept. They were happy to help set up a new meetup group. As of this post, there are already 39 members. We have the first location happy to host us—the lovely Barking Mad Cafe in Gaithersburg (right next to a Little Free Library, no less). I’m eager to grow our writing community here.

A glimpse of where I’ll be shutting up & writing for the first D.C. area meetup.

Are you in the D.C. area or know someone who is? I’ll be hosting the inaugural meetup near me in two days (Feb. 22) and then every foreseeable Thursday. Let’s make words together.

2 thoughts on “Starting Shut Up & Write! D.C. Meetup”

  1. hey, Sam here!
    I have come acroos your blog while I was looking for some yummy creative writing contests when your weekly gatherings of “shut up & write” caught my “hungry” eyes!

    I like the name :)

    speaking of which, I was wondering if you could, perhaps, fill me in what is it that you gain from such gatherings? and how do usually plan things?
    like, what themes do you decide on and how do you, if so, follow up with your progress?

    1. Hey Sam, my previous post is probably the best summary of why I love these meetups.

      There are no themes for the meetups. Everyone works on their own thing. It’s more about tapping into the collective energy of others being creative than anything else. Check-ins and coming back week after week are my preferred way of sharing progress.

      Does that answer your questions?

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