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Watch My “How to Submit Your Writing for Publication” Workshop from the 2020 Gaithersburg Book Festival

This year’s Gaithersburg Book Festival is entirely online. You can watch my free writing workshop below or on YouTube:

I cover the following submission topics in my workshop:

  • how submitting shorter writing benefits longer writing
  • why you should submit
  • what writing to submit
  • where to submit
  • how to submit
  • what to do while you wait for a response
  • handling rejections
  • when to revise & resubmit
  • giving up
  • how to get accepted and published

All of the mentioned resources are on Learn to Submit.

Happy submitting!

How a Regional Writing Conference Led to Publication in The Best American Mystery Stories 2019

The Best American Mystery Stories 2019 cover

About a year ago, I attended the 2018 Maryland Writers’ Association Annual Conference, this led to my first short story publication in a genre I don’t typically write, and a reprint in the prestigious The Best American Mystery Stories 2019 anthology edited by Otto Penzler and Jonathan Lethem. The anthology is available nationwide today, on October 1, 2019.

Writing conferences and events can pay off in unexpected ways. So next time you’re on the fence about breaking out of your shell and attending another open mic, book festival, or conference, keep my story in mind.

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Learn to Submit with My Free Resources

cover letter ink and pen

After my successful workshop at the 2019 Gaithersburg Book Festival, “How to Submit Your Writing for Publication,” I’m making several resources available for free on my blog:

  • Finding Quality Submission Opportunities — using my favorite approaches & tools
  • Cover Letter Template for literary journals — helpful placeholders, example writing bio, advice for what not to do
  • Submissions Tracker Template — capture submissions, pick what to submit next, track publications, payments and rights
  • Continue Learning About Submissions — links to blog posts, books, and courses

Everything is free, though Gumroad will show an option to chip in for either template. You can grab everything today from my new Learn to Submit page.

Online Submissions Class

I plan to expand my workshop into an online class. If these resources are helpful, subscribe to my blog to be notified when enrollment opens:

Recent Submissions and Rejections


I was inspired by and proud of the following:

  1. I submitted “The Price of Chivalry,” which I read at Lit Camp’s Basement Series, to the Kenyon Review’s 2017 Short Fiction Contest. It’s not a simultaneous submission, but it felt right after the response the story got at the reading and an excellent critique and revision of the latest draft.
    How do you know when a piece is ready? Leave me a comment.
  2. The Iowa Review received the last draft of “Nevernight,” after the wonderful metafiction story “Outliving Kafka” by Ariel Dorfman in their Fall 2016 issue. May it find its way to the final judge, Amelia Gray.
  3. Speaking of prestigious judges, Lauren Groff is the final judge for Electric Literature’s 2017 Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize. I sent off the latest draft of a new flash story called “Rivet Here” with the poignant stories from Lauren Groff’s earlier collection “Delicate Edible Birds.”
    Which writer-judges do you admire?
  4. Epiphany was incredibly kind to send me a sample of last year’s winners for their Spring Contest in Fiction because I didn’t have time to buy and receive a print issue before the contest deadline. They’ll be reading “WINC-FM,” in the vein of the raw and realistic style of last year’s “The Radiance Of Sharing” by Jack Austin.
    Have a story of literary journal kindness? Leave a comment!
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