“afterglow” and “Dialing Islands” Published in MacQueen’s Quinterly

afterglow photo by Leandra Niederhauser on Unsplash

Happy New Year! My latest flash fiction publications, “afterglow” and “Dialing Islands,” are published this morning in MacQueen’s Quinterly. Both are free to read online. Here are the openings of both stories:


She wonders aloud what his orgasms are like. He lacks the clarity to inhabit what just happened, but he wants to try before the sweat dries. He shuts his eyes, and reopens them defiantly. No, darkness makes it easier to fill the void with anything but the present. And he wants to linger.

Read story online in MacQueen’s Quinterly, Issue 6

Dialing Islands

Clyde. I always call you first. Your home number was the second I memorized after my own. You sat atop all favorites on the speed dial of every phone I’ve owned. You’ll call back, even if I leave another empty voicemail. “Heeey, it’s Clyde. Leave a message at the…” Beep. I breathe. I can’t. Someone needs to listen.

Read story online in MacQueen’s Quinterly, Issue 6

How did these stories find a home?

My efforts for “afterglow”:

  • ~300 words
  • 1 draft
  • 8 submissions
  • 5 rejections, 1 encouraging rejection
  • 2 withdrawals

My efforts for “Dialing Islands”:

  • ~700 words
  • 2 drafts
  • 3 submissions
  • 1 rejection
  • 1 withdrawal

These are very lucky numbers; I have some stories at 30+ submissions and 5+ drafts. I chalk these publications to previously working with the talented and thoughtful editor, Clare MacQueen, and having a sense of what she might like. 

Read on about my process.

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