How Long Did It Take for My First Submittable Acceptance to be Published?

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How much does chivalry really cost on a summer night where young ideals are alive and well? Find out the dollar answer and its unexpected justification in “The Price of Chivalry,” my most recent short story publication, available now in From Whispers to Roars: Volume 2, Issue 2.

What amount of effort went into getting “The Price of Chivalry” published?

  • 1,200 words
  • 5 drafts
  • 24 submissions
  • 19 rejections, 8 encouraging rejections
  • 3 withdrawals
  • 1 acceptance that didn’t involve publication

These numbers are on par with my other short stories, but larger than my relatively quick flash fiction publications.

I share blog posts like these because every story has a different journey. So if you’re in the doldrums between drafts or facing another rejection, may this encourage you. This process has taught me that publication is always more than one step away. Read on about this story’s prolonged journey and you may find what will get you over the next hump.

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